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Raytech offers direct shipments to your location from several manufacturers of antique reproduction lamp posts, decorative commercial luminaries, commercial wall scones, and deck lights. Turn of the century casting methods combined with modern technology to offer Commercial Cast Aluminum Streetlights, lamp posts and cast aluminum lamp post bases that will last.  Cast Aluminum Commercial Streetlights lamp posts are rustproof, extremely durable, and easy to install. A black polyester powder coat finish will provide years of low maintenance service.

Commercial series Streetlights offer welded pole to base structure. Long lasting sturdy cast aluminum.  

Courtyard Series Streetlights offer the same sturdy cast aluminum walls with slip over bases, direct burial installation.  Timeless beauty.

There are literally 100’s of combinations of how the streetlights are put together, too many to show. If for instance, in the model number for example CL2-AA, the CL2 stands for the style base. CL1, CL6, CL 8, are other style bases. The AA in the model # represents the top fixture or globe. Another example of the globes, would be the model number ending in AGA2 which shows a top cap over the globe. AGA2A would be the same top cap but the added A on the end represents Arms going down over the globe, between the style base, globe fixture, heights the vary, type of lighting, finish, etc., you can pick and choose as you like and we will quote you the price…Email us what you want, quantity from 1 to 100 lights, and zip code for a complete quote including shipping. You can call 1 (800) 838-5898 or email Raytech: raytechstore@gmail.com

Raytech also offers plug in ready patio post lights which are great all around, party or temporary lighting.
Gas Lights have also been making a comeback over the last few years.  Reminiscent of days gone by, the soft light and efficient cost of operation makes Gas a winner for the future. 

Commercial Streetlights / Residential Streetlights: Many Heights are available: Priced in the options section for each light.

Available with Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, L.E.D., or Incandescent bulbs.

 Streetlights, Signs & Mailboxes

SP 18" Globe 3" Diameter Streetlight fluted post and base WRP1 or SMB1, 10' to 15' height available

SP 18" Globe 3" Diameter Streetlight fluted post and base WRP1 or SMB1, 10' to 15' height available

from 1,125.00

Commercial & Residential Streetlights

Item specifics
Cast Aluminum, Never Rusts

comes with normal socket, Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium available, extra charge.

Many finished to choose from

Black Shown

Direct burial with slip over base

Fluted Aluminum Pole: 90" H :  Total height approx

10' with globe holder and globe

 - Sculpted Base: 10.25" DIA. X 21.5" H Shown with # 507 base style

- 18" Sphere Globe: Incandescent Socket for light bulb up to 300 watts or LED standard light bulb

Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium priced upon request

                          Other base styles shown in pictures above

- Direct burial poles require a minimum of 18” 

of the pole be submerged into the concrete pad for

 proper installation. (Installers must check local 

codes and ordinances for minimum depth required for 

safe installation)

- The fixture will be finished with premium quality thermoset polyester powder-coat for a durable finish.

If you've ever looked out the window and thought you were looking at the moon, it could have been this 18" globe streetlight!

Priced with either SMB1 base or WRB Base as shown

Globes are typically 8 to 12" diameter.  This globe is very dynamic (18") in appearance.

18" Poly Commercial Globe with socket installed for normal incandescent or LED bulb.

Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium available for extra charge

**Additional Option (SEE IMAGE): 

Polycarbonate Acorn Light Fixture available: 

SHLD PC 26" 36x18x18 (w/ holder 36" overall)

$89 LESS then total asking price 


This beautiful 10' high Commercial Streetlight, (as priced), great also for residential applications. 

8',12',14',16' available for additional charge at $60 per 2 ft increase

This is priced as an 8’ pole with Globe added = $10’ total height

Powder coat finishes, (Black shown)

See Image for color options

Direct burial with wrap around SMB1 commercial base or welded base to pole for screw down application onto cement slab

Approx 1/4" thick Commercial Cast Aluminum "never rusts"

4" poles available for high wind coded areas such as parts of Florida or Bahamas


Price Includes:

3" O/D Round Flutted Pole 8'

32" High Base SMB1 (shown in pictures above)

x 11 3/4" Diameter       

18" Polycarb Globe with Globe Holder

Options: Pole Color, Pole Size, High Wind Pole/ Globe Size/ Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium and/or Acorn Light Fixture 

Total Height:
Type of Lighting:
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