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Infratech Electric Patio Heaters. Electric Quartz hanging heaters


Infratech has been serving the commercial and residential marketplace for over 30 years.  Models range from the 39" wide 2000 watt, 8.3 amps 240 volt, electric quartz heater for small or nook type areas, to commercial needs for larger patios.  Many of Infratech models, including the 39" 2000 watt, the 39" 2500 watt 10.4 amp 240 volt heater, the 61" 3000 watt 12.5 amp 240 volt heater (most popular) can be set up with a variable dimmer type switch to control from lo to hi. The 61" 4000 watt 16.7 amp 240 volt unit and the 61" 6000 watt dual element 25 amp 240 volt heater will be set up with an on / off switch only.

The 4" clearance from wall or ceiling that the heater mounts to makes for a sleek and almost concealed look. Electric heaters which are approx 1/2 the price of our hanging gas heaters, and which are able to adjust in heat output, are also lightweight and require only the proper circuit  for whichever heater is needed. Cost of electricity versus gas would take about 7 years to break even when considering the initial cost of our electric heaters versus our gas hanging heaters with utility costs included

Infratech heaters also give a reddish glow from the quartz heating rod.  This creates not only a low level lighting on the patio but also gives a warmth in appearance from the quartz rod itself and the reflection of the high polished inner stainless walls of the heater casing.  Electric heaters are also silent in operation versus our gas hanging heaters which have a slight roar from the gas traveling through which creates the gas flame.  Hover and click over the heaters below to determine which model serves you best

INF 4200 Pulsing Dimmer Switch

INF 4200 Pulsing Dimmer Switch

from 49.00


120 or 240 Volt - Input Heater Regulator Switch 

INF10 or INF20 is an economical way to control your 120 or 240 volt Infratech heater. Installer required to provide gang box and faceplate. Up to 15 amp max.

Switch Only.

The INF Input Regulator is considered an "Infinite Switch". It operates with a bi-metal contact. It pulses the heater on and off as the internal contact heats up and cools down. It is considered a coarse form of control and is commonly used for electric heaters

Custom Control Options

Infratech’s INF Input Regulators offer ease of use at a cost-effective price. We can provide you with various control configurations, including In-Wall or Surface Mount options, as well as with or without weatherproof covers.

A standard on/off switch can be used for heaters instead of the INF dimmers

INF 10 and 20 dimmers come with either the switch module only which you mount yourself or order with gang box and cover plate under options

There are higher rated dimmers than normal to handle the resistance when on lower settings

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